About Naturopathy


Naturopathy is a system of healthcare that promotes the health of the individual on the basis that the body possesses an inherent ability to heal itself. Naturopaths view the body as having a dynamic ability to maintain and restore health. Treatment modalities include nutritional guidance, fasting, hydrotherapy, manual therapy (eg osteopathy) exercise, fresh air and sun light and counselling. Naturopathy is a natural approach that focuses on helping the body to remove toxins and minimises the quantity of toxins that are put into the body.


Naturopaths are teachers – we educate people to live more healthily. There are no fast track tricks, no gimmicks. This is the cheapest and deepest form of healthcare there is. Nothing of any real value comes easily and anyone promising a quick fix are misguided and misguiding their customers.


Naturopathy recognises that the body’s drive for health leads to acute elimination of toxins via the organs of elimination – skin, lungs, kidneys, bowel and uterus. Colds, coughs, sore throats, rashes, spots, a temperature, diarrhoea etc are today generally viewed as bad things that must be stopped as soon as possible. However these symptoms should trigger support for the elimination of toxins as this is an opportunity for healing. By support I mean fasting, hydrotherapy, rest and the close monitoring of the vital signs such as pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure to ensure the cleansing is as effective as possible. These days we believe that we need drugs to suppress these symptoms – such as those you can get over the counter or we have come to expect the regular use of antibiotics. However these reduce the body’s ability to cleanse itself and prolong its attempts to do so. If the healing force is overwhelmed by drugs and toxins then the drive for health weakens but returns later, again and again, and finally shows itself in the form of chronic symptoms.


Naturopathy also recognises the uniqueness of the individual – we all have a unique genetic inheritance and potential for health. We also have a unique set of experiences to which we develop our unique responses. The therapeutic management of each case is therefore tailored to each individual. We are not robots and one size does not fit all.