Dominica Coles, Towcester

I've tried quite a few therapists over the years but a few years ago I came across Victoria. All I can say is that she is the best and has changed and improved my life so much. So if anyone has a problem with back, neck etc, Victoria Shaw is the therapist you need to make an appointment with. Not forgetting her knowledge on nutrition which is so extensive it's impressive.


Margaret Y, Northampton

My first treatment with Victoria was in early 2011 when I experienced agonising pain down my right leg.  I could hardly get out of bed!  My GP diagnosed a trapped sciatic nerve and recommended her.  

Victoria listened very carefully to my tale of woe/agony, and with the help of her friendly skeleton, who resides permanently in her consulting room, explained how my problem had occurred and the resultant pain.  She also explained how she was going to remedy the condition, and set to work.

Victoria’s diagnosis and remedial treatment made absolute sense.  I lead a very active lifestyle and although I am now in my early sixties, I do not want to slow down – or not just yet.  So, since my first treatment, Victoria, has become a regular feature of my life – a bit like having a personal trainer, or maybe that should read adviser!  I now have regular consultations thereby catching early any potential problem.  Regular treatment helps me keep physically well and ensures that I am able to continue my active lifestyle, with confidence.

In addition, Victoria’s knowledge and expertise stretches to general well-being.  When necessary, she has provided me with some advice and information about lifestyle and healthy nutrition - very important for keeping fit and well.  This advice proved particularly helpful, when I had been feeling under the weather and unable to shift persistent cold symptoms last winter.

I have no hesitation in recommending Victoria to anyone who needs to discuss their aches and pains and general well-being with a true professional.  If you are unsure where to start in your search for treatment, then Victoria will provide you with an initial sound and thorough consultation.


Liz M, Northampton

I had suffered terrible pain in my arm and shoulder caused poor posture sitting at a desk. The pain was so great that I had thought about changing jobs.  I had been to see a doctor and a physiotherapist about the pain but that didn't resolve the issue.  After the first session with Victoria I started to see an improvement.  As well as the treatment Victoria was great at explaining what the triggers of the discomfort were and how I could manage this in the longer term.  Thanks and I only wish I had made an appointment sooner. 


Steve Corbett, Bozeat Northants

Victoria is a skilful and knowledgeable therapist with a gentle, sympathetic and intelligent manner. I often have stiffness around the neck and shoulders, mainly due to the large amount of driving I do. After treatment I always feel a release of tension and generally much more comfortable. I am very happy to recommend Victoria’s services.


Stephen Coles, Northampton

I would strongly recommend anyone with back pain or other aches and pains to visit Victoria. She has really helped to relieve my symptoms of chronic back pain. She will also help you to improve your diet and exercise regime to help manage pain and what foods are good/bad for you.


Louise Scott. Northampton

Five star service. Friendly and professional


Marc Cheesman, Mosaicist, Northampton

I have been visiting Victoria's practice for over a year now with a chronic back problem, my days involve long drives and exhaustive manual work. Whenever I encounter a flare up, Victoria manages to get me properly mobile again. I consider her an expert in her field who cares about her clients. She administers her treatment with authority and friendliness, I would recommend Victoria Shaw's practice to anyone.


Brian and Yvonne Englefield, Pattishall

We have found Victoria Shaw to be an exceedingly knowledgeable and competent therapist who allows plenty of time to listen to her patients and is, therefore, very helpful and understanding.  We have benefitted greatly from her treatment and from the very useful exercises that she has recommended.


JH of Pattishall

My husband, who had been successfully treated by Victoria for  a variety of sports-related injuries, suggested that I should see her when I developed a frozen shoulder. I was happy to give osteopathy a go in preference to the cortisone injections that my GP was recommending. Over a number of months of seeing Victoria, every week at first then fortnightly and finally monthly, I feel that I am quite recovered.  My mobility improved noticeably during the course of each session, though initially the improvements wore off in a matter of hours. However, in between sessions, by following the Pilates exercise programme that Victoria provided for me, I managed progressively to regain and eventually improve upon that mobility.  I have to admit that at the beginning I found manipulation painful, but the time I spent with Victoria was positively enjoyable: in addition to being very good at what she does, she has excellent interpersonal skills and is good company.  I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone seeking help for a frozen shoulder.

Naomi, Northampton

Not your standard therapist, Victoria has helped me with various ailments from my ongoing back and shoulder problems, to pains in my hands and feet as well as clearing my sinus relieving pressure headaches. My monthly appointments keep me running fit and well!

Debbie B, Northampton

I have been a regular customer of Victoria’s for 7 years.  I have seen other therpiasts over the years and she is truly the best!  Her style of treatment is very relaxing and not like some of the other therapists I have visited in the past.  If I can never get an appointment at work because Victoria is so busy, I will visit her at another practice as do not want to go with anyone else. I have, over time, referred colleagues to Victoria who have also been happy with the treatment offered. Victoria is always interested in the lifestyle you lead and whether you are eating healthily.   She is always friendly and approachable and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking treatment!

Helen, Northampton

I have been receiving manual treatment for 17 years for back, shoulder and neck pain as a result of car accident. I was very upset when my previous therapist left the profession but was lucky enough to find Victoria who has been treating me for the last 4 years. Finding the right person was very important due to the complexity and number of issues I have. I feel very fortunate that I was able to find Victoria who has taken on the ‘challenge’ of my case. During the initial appointment she took the time to really understand my whole medical history and to establish possible links that may not have previously been thought of. After receiving treatment I can really feel the difference in the range of movements that I have. The frequency of visits range from weekly to every 6 weeks depending on how I am feeling. I have found it beneficial to have an MOT treatment to help keep things moving even when I might not be experiencing any painful symptoms. I can’t thank Victoria enough and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Kevin McAleese, Wellingborough

Shortly after being diagnosed with clinical scoliosis I was experiencing serve back pain when lying down for long periods, it was impacting my sleep meaning I was only able to get 4-5 hours per night prior to waking up due to the pain. After my first consultant with Victoria back in 2015, she started to work on my spine and after few sessions I noticed I was experiencing less pain in the morning time. With continued sessions I was able to get full night’s sleep within any pain in the morning time. After two years my sessions are now just check-up and maintain, I haven’t experienced any back pain for at least year and never have to worry about back pain. I would highly recommend Victoria to everyone regards if they experience any back pains, nothing beats the feeling knowing that your body is in good shape for the daily grain of life.


Andy C, Northampton

I first visited Victoria having suffered from pain in my neck/shoulder for a number of months. Through Victoria's treatment the pain has completely gone and I'm back to how I was before. I play pool to a fairly high level and this was destroying my game - now I'm playing better than ever! There was always a friendly welcoming atmosphere during our sessions, and I now consider Victoria a friend as well as my therapist of choice.